Will I be broke forever?

These past few months has made me deeply worried about not only my future but all of the futures of the young generations.

Will we be in debt forever?

With skyrocketing college and school costs, the rising costs of everyday life, and decreasing salaries, I’m going to say yes.

This worries me. They always said money was not the key to happiness. But honestly with the amount of time we are going to be working and trying to pay bills, I can’t think of anything that can make me happier.

I’m currently living alone, going to grad school part time, and working full time. Most days I get so overwhelmed with bills and thinking about the future that I breakdown and cry. I’m making pretty decent money but it seems I’m living paycheck to paycheck now.

Is this how it will be forever for me? My future family? My future kids?

I don’t think this is how life should be lived. But in today’s world, what other way is there? I’m hoping to find that peaceful middle ground where I’m comfortable with the union between life and money.